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Turntable Trucks and Trolleys

Our British made  flat bed turntable trucks provide safe, efficient solutions which is designed to work in  restrictive spaces. We currently offer two types of turntable: anti-friction and ball bearing. Anti-friction are for more lightweight loads and the ball bearing for the  heavyweight option. Broadwood Handling Equipment Ltd  offer a variety of wheels and tyres selected for their suitability of use on each particular turntable truck.

Delivered prices from £165.00 plus VAT

Order CodeModel NumberPlatform Sizes LxWxH mmSafe Load kgsWheels & Diameters mm
BHESK300SCSK300SC2000 x 1000 x 4851000355 x Steel Centre Solid Rubber
BHETSBH200CRTSBH200CR1500 x 800 X 377 x 1580mm o/all2000300 Rubber on Cast Iron Ball.Bearings Axle
BHESK200SP4SK200SP41525 X 760 X 4851000410 x 4ply PneumaticTyre,Steel Centre,
BHESK205TSTSK205TSL1525 x W760 X H 512 X D200 Steel Sides1000410 Steel Centre - Pneumatic Tyres
BHESL100NRTSL105NR1200 X 600 X 328200kg200 X Nylon Centre x Rubber Tyre
BHESL205NRTSL205NR1500x700x328200200 Nylon and Solid Rubber Tyres
BHESK300SP4SK300SP42000 x 10001000410 Steel Centre, Roller bearing x Pneumatic
BHE TSBH300CRTSBH300CR2000 x 1000 x 2080mm o/all2000300 Cast Iron Rubber Tyre B Bearing Axle
BHETSBH100CRTSBH100CR1220 x 610 x 377 x 1300mm o/all2000300 Cast Iron Rubber Tyre B.Bearing Axle
BHESK215.TBBHESK225.TB1525 x 760 x 760 (from platform)1000350 Solid Rub (others available)
BHETSL200NRBHETSL200NR1500 x 700 x 328200kgs200 Pnuematic Rubber on Nylon Centre
BHE-TSK200SCTSK200SC1525 X 760 X 4851000355mm Rubber

Special Sides Options

We have a range of special sides and designs to contain your goods, if you cannot find one to suit we could design build for you.
Delivered Prices start from only £165.00 plus VAT for Economy Truck with sides and ply deck.

Order CodeModel NumberPlatform LxWxH mmSafe Loading kgsWheels mm
BHESK301TSSK301TS2000 x 1000 X 512 X Side Depth 200mm1000355 Steel Centre Solid Rubber
BHETSB 215 Cage TBBHETSB 215 CAGE Top L1525 x W760 x Cage H7601000400 - Rubber or Pneumatic
BHET19BHET19Adjustable L1220 to 3050 x W9151000400 - Rubber or Pneumatic
BHE 128 D DBHE 128 D DL1560 xW760 x Cage H10001000400 - Rubber or Pneumatic
BHET126BHET126L1110 X W400 x Height: 540mm500300 x Solid Rubber
Economy TT204BHETT204L1170 x W760 x D229350340 Pneumatic
Economy Mini TT88BHE TT88L1000 x W530 x D125 or 300mm150200 Cushion Rubber
BHE I4205BBBHE I4205BB1225 x 610 x 300mm deep450325mm x Pnuematic Rubber