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Plastic Moulded Trucks

Product advantages

  • Made of seamless polyethylene
  • Shape-retaining and impact resistant
  • Temperature resistant from -20 °C to +80 °C (for short periods)
  • Can be stacked inside each other to save space, with 2 carrying handles
  • Easy to clean as the insides and outside surfaces are smooth
  • Quality Castors
Order CodeInternal LxWxD. mmExternal LxWxH mmCapacity LitresDescriptionCastors
BHE 969/213785 x 430 x 660865 x 510 x 760220High Quality Moulded Truck, Lid Option
BHE 107760 x 330 x 580840 x 405 x 685140High Quality Moulded Truck, Lid Option
BHERB 4031210 x 610 x 6101320 x 710 x 760425 Moulded Truck Most Colours Available
BHEMB 9721140 x 520 x 6101290 x 680 x 720450Quality Moulded Truck, Lids Available 100mm Nylon or Rubber
Gritbox CB1N.A780 x 600 x 680250Grit-Salt Bin with Lid
Gritbox CB2GRIT BINS1260 x 750 x 710400Grit-Salt Bin with Lid Yellow
BHE RT00011060 X 620 X 5801160 X 750 X 790350Moulded Truck - Split Lids100mm fixed and swivel-diamond config'
BHE-T2161525 x 965 x 7601575 x 990 x 9201120Large Moulded Truck - 125mm Castors
BHERAO6011370 x 760 x 6101425 x 840 x 620635Ply Base for additional strengthNylon
BHERB303916 x 610 x 6101015 x 685 x 760320Various Sizes in Moulded Trucks
BHERB 120RC410 x 410 x 660460 x 460 x 760118 Re-Cycled Black Tapered Truck
BHE RB0317905 x 585 x 5951010 x 685 x 735320Premium Tapered Moulded Truck
BHE CBDW0002RC1260 x 750 x 710400/500Recycled Plastic Black Grit Bin
BHE RB227740 x 410 x 645825 x 480 x 750200Moulded Truck with Castors
BHE RB317905 x 585 x 5951010 x 685 x 735320Moulded Truck with Castors
BHE317-RC905 x 585 x 5951010 x 685 x 735320Recycled Moulded Truck Black Only
BHELC311900 x 700 x 16501800 overall965Moulded Plastic Linen Rollcage
BHE968830 x 520 x 610970 x 670 x 710305Moulded Trucks 100mm nylon castors
BHE RT00021060 x 620 x 7601160 x 750 x 980500Complete with Split Lid100mm Swivel and Fixed-Diamond Confg'
BHERB06031370 x 710 x 6101420 x 840 x 620625Plywood Underside for StrengthNylon

Plastic Moulded Bottle Trucks

Order CodeExternalInternalCapacityPrice Guide
BHE111700 x 460 x 650600 x 390 x 580135 litres45.52
BHE 113K-RC615 x 455 x 750560 x 400 x 700150 litres39.07
BHE 115820 x 455 x 620760 x 400 x 550165 litres
BHE 118970 x 380 x 620915 x 330 x 550165 litres most standard colours.67.47
BHE 119670 x 615 x 620610 x 560 x 550185 litres
BHE113660x500x750mm555x400x685mm150 litres59.55

Inexpensive trucks designed for use behind the bars in clubs pubs and restaurants, available in most colours,  

Self Levelling Trolleys

Order CodeLoad Spring TensionExternal LxWxHInternal LxWxDCapacity LitresDescription
BHE 318120kgs1025 x 710 x 755mm910 x 595 x 550mm250 litres
BHECLM146SL45kgs1115 x 770 x 640mm1015 x 710 x 635mm460 litresSelf Level Truck Reduces Back Strain
BHECLM269SL40kgs970 x 585 x 658mm890 x 610 x 610mm360 litres Others Sizes AvailableSelf Level Truck Reduces Back Strain
BHED1408/35070 kgs1115x695x863mm1000x650x597mm380Constant Level Aluminium Truck
BHED5408/58070 kgs1515X745X893mm1400X700X635mm615 LtrsConstant Level Aluminium Truck

Aluminum Constant Level Box Trucks

Framed Chassis Trucks

Order CodeModel NumberO/All Size mm H X W X LInternal Size mmCapacity LtrsDescription
BHE RD3031040 x 730 x 845940 x 640 x 610370 Litres
BHERC501NBHERM130800 x 540 x 700552 x 467 x 582From 135 LitresStainless Frame Other Sizes Available
BHEMB144BBHEMB144B1250 x 485 x 1120-------------------------------Two Four or Six Tanks & Lids

Tipper Trucks

Tipper Trucks 

Order CodeModel NumberExt. Dims mmInternal Dims. mmCapacity Litres
TTR89BHETTR891680 x780 x10701420x660x860660 Litres
TTR91BHETTR911500x760x8501270x660x660383 Litres
TTR31BHETTR311920 x 880 x 11501630 x 740 x 910850 Ltres

Super Strong Thermoplastic Moulded Trolleys

End of Line Reductions

'End of Line' mobile plastic trucks, produced at the end of a 'Colour Run' when  colours are purged.

Order CodeModel NumberCapacity- Litre
BHE SecondsBHE968 or BHE972320 or 440 Litres

Mobile Bases

Manufactured in hygiene impact plastic for  strength and cost effectiveness 

Plastic Moulded Trucks with Handles

To help comply with Health and Safety we can,  for a small additional cost provide a  moulded truck complete with  handle for passing through restricted width areas.