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Order Selection Picking Trolleys

Ideal for use in warehouses and stores for order picking from low or high level shelves and racking, epoxy powder coated finish.

Order CodeModel NumberDimensions L x W x H mmNumber of ShelvesSafe Loading kgsWheel and CastorsDescription
BHE 5612/3BHE 5612/31320x520x1320 o/all3 Steel and Ply320125mm Swivel RubberOrder Picking - Step Trolley
BHEGPT4BHEGPT4980x450x8053200100mm Swivel BrakesThree Shelf Steel Tray Trolley
BHE910/CT07BHE91/0CT071180x440x940N/A150 in 2 totes 300x600x400100mm Swivel Nesting Containers Trolley
BHEI305YBHEI305Y1105 x 705 x 950 Flat top shelves2500200 Rubber on SteelFlat top Table Trolley
BHET 51BHET 511295 x 480 x 1000 - 2 shelves2 - 760 x 460mm150125mm rubberTubular steel with non slip surfaces
BHEG 1861LBHEG 1861L813 x 610 x 9152 - 760 x 601 x 915150100mm2 Shelf Moulded Plastic Picking Trolley
BHEST900BHEST900900 x 600 x 850N/A350200mm Rubber on SteelTrolley for panels
BHE STPan TrlyBHE STPan Trly1000 x 700 x 850N/A350200mm Rubber on SteelAdjustable Position Panel Trolley
BHE5612/2BHE 5612/2L1325 x W525 x H1320 o/all2 Shelves - Spaced 200 and 1000mm320125mm Rubber all SwivelOrder Picking 3 tread steel sprung steps