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Mail and Parcel Cages

Order CodeDimensions L x W x H mmInfill to SidesSafe Loading kgsCastors mm
BHE PC10001250 x 1000 x 140010mm Rod Split Front Gates700125 Castors and Fork Guides
BHE PC10201200x800x1820Mesh x Rods- Drop Front Gate800125
BHE PC10011250x1000x170050x50mm Mesh Split Front Gates900125mm Blue ResilexRubber
BHESK128PC2000 x 1000 x 100050 x 50 x 4 mm mesh1000 kgsPneumatic 4 ply 400 x100mm
BHE- PC10021200x800x1700Rod600Nylon 125mm

Castor and Wheels at Competitive Prices

Order CodeWheel/Diameter mmPlate Size mmHole Centres mmLoad Capacity KgsO/all Height mm
RT6VVPBlu/S160135 x 110105 x 80300199
RT5VVPBLU/S125105 x 8060x80200 155
RT5VVFPBlu/S125102 x 8060 x 80200kgs 155
RT5VVPBBLU/S125102 x 8060 x 80200155
RTMR280/20.4/76red280Tyre Width 80Hub Length 75250Bore size 20 - Roller Bearing
RT5LPPU-RB125105 x 8060x80200155
RT5BHGREY125M10 boltN/A100153
RT5BHBGREY125Bolt FixingM8100153
1358094-RB125 Roller Bearing105 x 8080 x 60200154
RT5LPNY-RB125 Nylon Roller Bearing105 x 8060 x 80200155
RT5-USSPBNY125 Nylon Roller Bearing105 x 8580/77x60210155

Sack Trucks

We have many years of experience in the design of sack trucks and other equipment for the distribution networks,we offer a wide range of sack trucks to suit many different applications. We are confident that you will find the ideal sack truck to suit your application.  If you have any specific requirements that need to be met, do not hesitate to contact our Sales Team to discuss which sack truck suits your needs.

Order CodeModel NumberFoot Plate Size WxD mm Size H x W mmSafe Load kgsWheels
BHET701BHET701360 x 4601180 x 540 x 220100200mm x Rubber
BHE BT118BHE BT118325 x 2251310 x 550250250mm Puncture Proof
BT109BT109Folded 320x extended 640 x W2601110 x W4601506 x 140mm Rubber Tyre
BHE/TRI -TRUCKBHE/TRI -Truck450 x 2001240 x 499 - Bed 990 x 4802502x100 by 2 x 200mm Rubber
BHETruk1ecoBHETruk1eco505 x 4301360 x 505200Eco1 Pneu - Eco 2 Puncture Proof
BHE/3APPBHE/3APP580 x 3401260 x 580250200 Rubber on Steel Centres
BHE /BBT795BHE- BBT795325 x 1501230 x 550 450250 Pneumatic or Puncture Proof
BHE.T105BHE.T105For Max Bottle 255 x 1000mm1050 x 490200200mm x Rubber on Steel
BHET1051BHET1051400 x 1501060 x 470100200mm x Rubber
BHET120EWBHET120EWSuitable For Gas Btle1150 x 450x 430150250 Rubber Tyre
BIL ALMN1BHE BIL ALMN1300kgsPuncture Proof
BHEST10BHEST10W400 x D200H1160 x W450 x D490200200 dia Steel Centre Rubber
BHE-Piano Dly1BHE-Piano Dly1250 x 420 x L745mm 550kgs - (net weight 16.2kg)200mm
BHE- Piano DlyT3BHE- Piano DlyT3H300 x W580 x L745800kgs - (net weight 22kg)250mm
BHESK1300/950BHESK1300TPY 455x2251300 x 540500 and 300 flat250mm Puncture Proof

Retaining Straps and Covers

Order CodeModel NumberSize DescriptionLoading kgs
BHE VS1BHE VS1Double Hook Ratchet
BHEWPLY15BHEWPLY15W720 x D830 x H1500 -1650 and 1800mm Woven Water Proof CoversN/A
BHEPCVR1BHEPCVR1L1200 x W1000 x HVariousAll Pallet Size Cover
BHERP1BHERP11mtr Woven Straps Loop & Hook250kgs